Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Yes, I know every girl that has a blog does the whole "in my bag" skit. Very generic, but as some of you know, I am very late to hop on the bandwagon if I even care to. Plus, this seems like fun and an opportunity to get a bit more personal. So here is my bag...

It is the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Core Bowler in black. I have a few MJ purses, but this is the most used because it is my only black bag.
For some reason, I thought my bag would be filled with loose receipts, but I remember reading somewhere awhile back, if you have loose receipts and change throughout your bag, you subconsciously have more stress. I guess if it looks organized, you feel organized, but whatever the theory, I try to keep my bag clean, put everything in a certain place, and not go crazy looking for it. I have yet to try that with my keys.
Sorry it's so blurry; I have an old Canon SD20 that doesn't focus anymore.

  • 1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Wallet in navy.
  • 2. ipod-always on, either in my ears or on the iHome
  • 3. Hair tie
  • 4. Wei East Lotion. A-mazing
  • 5. Diana+ camera with 35mm back
  • 6. POP 9 Camera
  • 7. Tylenol
  • 8. Leather Journal from MOMA
  • 9. Keys
  • 10. Nintendo DS. Currently I can't get enough of Scrabble, thanks to Mark.
  • 11. Nokia E71. My husband bought me this in hopes I would be more organized. I think it's working, no?
  • 12. really old LeSportSac bag with makeup (mostly Stila <3)
  • 13. Pink mechanical pencil
  • 14. extra roll of 35mm film.

Note* No book because I have an e-reader format on my phone. Who wants to carry the Kindle around?? I am scared I'll break that thing anyways.