She Got Dressed

I've been sick the past week and the only thing that is keeping me alive practically is rest, calls from friends, chicken soup from the Chicken Pie Shop, a God-given husband who represents patience (no sarcasm, it's true), and of course, Fable II. I love playing video games to relax; but I can see why people easily become fanboy/girls. I don't know if it was the high fever or the meds thinking, but I suddenly got on this magical-faun-fantasy-sword fighting-English accent-monster mayhem kick. I watched the film adaptions of Chronicles of Narnia, and Prince Caspian, and Harry Potter. I suddenly want a Lord of the Rings marathon, a Willow dinner party, a reviewing of Pan's Labyrinth and I can't wait for Penelope to come from Netflix, thanks to Irene.
What impressed me more from Chronicles of Narnia was not the advanced CGI special effects, or the fitted and well composed fighting scenes. It was the clothing in the beginning of the film.
I wish I could show you a better photo, but all the images found online were when they were all dressed up D & D status, which were really good, but too much for me. The clothes were something out of Marc Jacobs with peter pan collars, princess seams, vintage with a modern fitting. I already love wearing Winter attire like scarves, boots, coats, tights, but I wish I had Narnia weather all year long. I now want to dress like a British ten year old child, but dress it up a bit like these examples

Blair doesn't count though, she can make a potato sack look stylish.

I already own items similar to these, and I was always scared to put them together to look matronly instead of whimsy. But you know what they say, it is not what you wear, it is how you wear it.