Library Valentine's Day

Ugh, Valentine's Day. I love the idea of Valentine's Day but the holiday itself I can live without. My husband has it easy on this day. As feminine as I am, I can be bleak to romance. There were so many moments browsing back at my mental archive under 'dating', that I broke hearts due to my brutal ways. Every once in awhile, someone would come along, turn me into a softie and catch my attention. Keep in mind, though, my attention span lasts a total of 20 minutes on a good day. Sincere apologies to you poor saps. Grow a pair.

I was always told I would marry a man as difficult as me. And I did. His name is Scott, and he is a writer/librarian. This was not the complex part of it. I have writers in my family, and the writer-types were easy for me to handle. It was the librarian part that got me. He is not easily amused, and I actually want to get him a Valentine's card (*swoons*). Why not get him one that he would actually get a smirk out of him? What do you guys think of this? Cute, no?

by Papertrail

//Hurry up and order yours just in time for February 14//