"Do You Know What This Is? It's the World's Smallest Violin Playing Just for the Waitresses."

Ok, ok, so I know I said I wouldn't post a couple days, buuuuut, but I did get a surprise in my email that made me forget I haven't had coffee yet.


Lomography just came out with this limited edish camera, just in time for Valentine's Day.

I have the original Diana+ camera, but it has seen better days. The lens just came off with the lens cap the other day. Thankfully, I did fix it, but there is the uneasiness of one day dying on me slowly becoming a reality. It was one of the many engagement gifts received when Scott proposed (in case I didn't say yes maybe?). It never leaves my bag like my wallet.

I've read some nasty things written about the Diana+ camera because basically it's a toy camera. It was originally made in a small corporation in Hong Kong in the 1960's and sold for a buck and made out of the cheapest of plastics. It failed the market, and was discontinued about a decade later, which of course, boosted the status of making it a collector's item in the States. Lomography released the model, built exactly as the original, cheap plastic and all, in 2007. Since then, it has become a cult favorite among photographers (or in my case, amateur photographers) everywhere. There is even talk in the Lomo forums of Diana+ being upgraded to a "better" version.

It is a cheap toy camera, but it's light leaks, the technical disabilites, and the name (of course!) gives it a certain charm. The 120 film gives off amazing saturated colors, and the film comes out looking "dreamy".

Lomography has so many different versions of the Diana+ camera, I know I am upgrading to an F+ version, with flash.

The 120 film is expensive to develop and if traveling, a nuisance to change the film, and it must be well maintained at a certain temperature (aka your fridge) to keep the life of the film. My favorite accessory is the 35mm Back pack. It saves me time and money, and the pack comes with interchangeable image formats.

As much as I love Polaroid, the Diana+ camera is one of my favorite formats, and besides the exterior, Lomography, please don't change a thing.