1 Month with a Rainbow Baby

A lot of what you'd expect from living with a newborn is true- less sleep, lots of feedings, lots of cuddles and lots of diaper changes. As for adjusting, it's a sinking feeling I'm not used to- joy? Relief? I'm not sure yet. We did have a scary moment with her first week coming home, she had to be admitted to the hospital for "Failure to Thrive", she was losing weight, almost to 3 lbs, she didn't want to eat and her diapers were always clean. It was scary seeing her with a ton of needles and IV, especially so little, but she came home with almost a full pound gained. She was born at 37 weeks and needed some time to catch up. Despite that scary incident, she's healthy and yes, thriving. So far at one month she...

  • Loves her DockATot over her bassinet
  • wants to be held instead of swaddled
  • feeds like a champ every two hours
  • sleeps an extra hour at night and that hour of sleep is a gift from heaven
  • hates Daddy's beard (but I love it, so it's not going anywhere. Sorry, Miko)
  • is almost at 7lbs
  • favorite music is Disneyland Park playlist and doesn't mind the new Bastille

We are exhausted and thrilled, all at once!

// swaddle set from madly wish courtesy of Mandy! We love it, thank you, Mandy! Leia blanket from bed hog shop

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