Nice to meet you, again

My name is Diana, former blogger.

I guess this is technically considered a blog but I like to think of it as my journal, like it once was years ago. I'm not sure what happened along the way but I lost the vision of what I wanted this space to be in the comparisons, sponsorships, and perfecting a lifestyle online that I completely forgot about myself.

When I wasn't blogging, I was a creative director in a tech start-up operation, but gave up the long stressful nights for longer and more stressful nights to be a stay at home mom. No regrets (so far). I’m married to Scott, a writer, and dad to Miko. We still like each other after 11 years of marriage.

This space celebrates everything I love- family, books, superheroes and all things geeky. Sometimes it gets heavy here, I write about losing my son, the heartache and trauma that comes with it. It's about finding myself again in the everyday joys grief once robbed. For everything I've lost, I've gained something else. Maybe that's why I love superheroes so much- they've overcome and still found their power. 

There are stories to tell and I have a few to write. 

When I don't write, I'm Miko's mom. 

Thanks for following along. ♥