A Tumultous Assembly

In October 2006, my then-friend-now-husband visited the The Getty to see the preserved works of the Futurists, young European artists from the 1900's.

The gallery gave me a better visual of the power typography used as an art form. The Futurists basically invented typography as a form of poetry and since it was around WWI, used it as a weapon. They went against a society that had a closed mind on what art was.

The lithography machines were expensive and sometimes black ink was limited so the shape of words came to look like shapes. The colorful ones represented emotions or people. They were really young, but far more intelligent and since not everyone was educated in literature, people didn't understand the form, or they simply couldn't read it.

I picked up a pamphlet of the gallery and scanned some photos. I don't dare cut the pamphlet but I think these would be beautifully displayed in my home. I found the smaller version of the photos here. You can read about the fascinating history of it here. I was debating whether or not I would throw the pamphlet away, but now I want to keep it, and read The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism.

"I do not want to suggest and idea or a sensation...Instead I want to grasp them brutally and hurl them in the readers face." - Technical Manifesto Literature, 1912

Librairie Librissime

I was sifting through my old Lucky magazine with Blair on the cover (0808) and I rarely read the "Shopping Trip" section, just browse, mainly because I don't go anywhere. However, I really want to go to Montreal to visit Librairie Librissime

Since this is from a scan, it's hard to read the quotes, but I love what they say on the bookshelves,
"Culture is not a luxury but a necessity."
"A room without books is a body without a soul", and my favorite, "A library is a roomful of friends."

Their website claims There is no bookstore like LIBRISSIME

It's very rare when a local bookstore is a success, let alone is able to stay open against Borders and B&N.

"But everything looks perfect from far away..."

6 years ago, this album was playing none stop on my CD player. I can't believe it has been six years already. I fished for my cd sleeves and glad to see I still have it.

Such Great Heights

This is "Such Great Heights" from Give Up by the Postal Service

What version do you prefer?

Aged Dolls

A few months ago, I took the Metro with my friend J. and hit up Downtown LA, Olvera Street, and China Town. It was a lot of walking, but totally worth it. I bought these postcards for $2.00 each. For all I know, they could have been printed off at Kinko's for less than a dollar each, but I think they are totally worth it. The tint gives it a vintage distressed look, and the models are foxxxy. Especially the one holding the books :P

Flood of Red

Does a song ever pop in your head when you see a certain image? What about this one? All day, I had Metric stuck in my head thanks to this beaut. I couldn't stop staring at this eyeful of red. Her polish is cool, of course the hair, and her blend of eyeshadows. I sort of was in a girl-crush daze when I found her in my Sephora catalog.